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Apple Devices - iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

  1. This app is our number one recommendation.

  2. You can download it from the store. 

  3. If you don’t find it in the store please download it from here

  4. Once installed, select login via Xtream codes API (XC API), and then login using the username, password and URL we sent you.

Using Cloud Stream IPTV Player
  1. Go to App Store and download Cloud Stream IPTV Player.

  2. Open the App.

  3. On the upper left corner click on the “dashes” icon.

  4. In the down left corner click on the “+” sign

  5. Click on load m3u file

  6. Click on load m3u from web

  7. Add the IPTV subscription URL that we sent you in your Email.

Using iPlay TV
  1. Go to App Store and download iPlay TV.

  2. Upload the IPTV subscription URL link that we sent you.

  3. Now you will be able to see the playlist.

Using GSE Smart IPTV Pro
  1. Go to App Store and download GSE SMART IPTV pro.

  2. Accept the EULA Rule.

  3. Select settings on the left hand corner.

  4. Locate the menu called “Remote Playlists”

  5. Select the button named as “+”

  6. Enter your IPTV subscription URL via selecting add m3u url.

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